PolicyPLUS™ Modules

Document Management Module

An Exceptional Organizational, Management and Training Tool featuring:

  • Lifecycle management.  Tracks key dates and alerts you to upcoming expiration dates.  Provides ample time for policy review, editing, and board approval with notifications and reminders sent to your email.
  • Distribute new documents and document changes across multiple provider sites and organizational units.
  • Tags and tracks policies that are related to regulations or accrediting standards (e.g. Joint Commission, AAAHC, FTCA, NCQA, PCMH) for ease in review preparation.
  • Ability to add, revise, and archive policies and policy changes.
  • Full multi-criteria search functionality.
  • Document and Employee Grouping. Group related policies and employees into context based group settings for easier access and distribution.  Collaborate on policies & procedures, and verify employee knowledge using the assignments function.
  • Increase patient safety - distribute new or revised documents quickly and easily.
  • Ensure obsolete and duplicate documents are removed from circulation resulting in a higher standard of care.
  • Increase employee compliance: Your workers will know your policies.
  • Excellent employee training tool.  Assign employees to read specific policies or procedures and document when they are read by the employee.
  • Email Notification.  Email alerts sent to notify or remind employees of outstanding assignments.
  • Employee Testing.  Facilitates improved quality of care by ascertaining staff knowledge of policies and procedures.  Quiz your staff on their understanding of policies to maintain compliance and standards of care.
  • Four Levels of Secure Access.  Restricts unauthorized staff from viewing, adding and/or revising documents or credentials.
  • Reduce risk and liability.

Credentialing Management Module

Robust work-flow solution that:

  • Documents and tracks the credentialing and privileging process.
  • Lists and tracks important credentialing steps and dates.
  • Tracks the provider's individual credentials and each credential's details.
  • Alerts you and the provider via email of upcoming credentialing document or cycle expirations.
  • Allows providers to track each of their credentials encouraging them to be proactive in keeping all credentials current.
  • Captures credentialing and privileging history.
  • Scan, upload and view individual credentialing documents from the web.

Quality Management Module

  • Track Organizational KPIs, completely customizable
  • Track Provider KPIs, completely customizable
  • Organize and track projects with the Workplan function and
  • Assign responsible employees & due dates, automatic email notifications sent to alert & remind employees of tasks due

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