PolicyPLUS™ is a modular online Federally Qualified Health Center FQHC, Look Alike LAL and healthcare organization’s compliance and policy management software application with four powerful modules: Total330 Continuous Compliance, Document management, Credentialing management, and Quality management

PolicyPLUS™ Module Details


Total330 Continuous Compliance Module

Total330 can help you stay ready for an Operational Site Visit (OSV).
Total330 provides:

  • A web-based tool tracking compliance to HRSAs Compliance Manual and Site Visit Protocol (SVP)
  • Assign specific SVP chapters or elements to employees who work with Total330 coaches to insure compliance.
  • Ease in uploading required documents to each applicable SVP element.
  • Emails reminder assignments for periodic review and updating to assure ongoing readiness.
  • Gives you access to our expert coaches all of which perform OSVs and TAs for HRSA. Each health center is assigned 3 coaches, Admin-Governance, Clinical, and Financial Services.
  • Coaches review documents for compliance, provide feedback, and assist in OSV final preparation steps, including training for the use of Total330™ during the OSV.
  • The “Consultant in Your Pocket” feature allows you to email a coach, any question, at any time, who will respond to you directly.

Our Expert Coaches are what sets us apart!

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Total 330™ Clients work with our expert coaches, all of which perform OSV and TA visits at health centers.

Breaking News!
The Total330 HRSA Site Visit Protocol (SVP)
Continuous Compliance Module is here.

Document Management Module

An Exceptional Organizational, Management, and Employee Training Tool featuring:

  • Documents lifecycle management. Tracks key dates and alerts you to upcoming expiration dates. Provides ample time for policy review, editing, and board approval with notifications and reminders sent to your email.
  • Quickly and easily distribute new documents and document changes across multiple locations and organizational levels
  • Tags and tracks policies that are related to regulations or accrediting standards (e.g. Joint Commission, AAAHC, FTCA, NCQA, PCMH) for ease in review preparation.
  • Ability to add, revise, and archive policies and policy changes.
  • Full multi-criteria search functionality.
  • Document and Employee Grouping. Group related policies and employees into context based group settings for easier access and distribution. Collaborate on policies & procedures, and verify employee knowledge using the assignments function.
  • Increase patient safety - distribute new or revised documents quickly and easily.
  • Ensure obsolete and duplicate documents are removed from circulation resulting in a higher standard of care.
  • Increase employee compliance: Your workers will know your policies.
  • Robust employee training and testing tool. Assign employees to read specific policies or procedures, and electronically documents when the assignments are completed by the employee.
  • Email Notification. Email alerts sent to notify or remind employees of outstanding assignments.
  • Employee Testing. Facilitates improved quality of care by ascertaining staff knowledge of policies and procedures. Quiz your staff on their understanding of policies to maintain compliance and standards of care.
  • Three Levels of Secure Access. Restricts unauthorized staff from viewing, adding and/or revising documents or credentials.
  • Reduce risk and liability.

Credentialing Management Module

Robust work-flow solution that:

  • Documents and tracks the credentialing and privileging process.
  • Lists and tracks important credentialing steps and dates.
  • Tracks the employee's individual credentials and each credential's details.
  • Alerts you and the employee via email of upcoming credentialing document or cycle expirations.
  • Allows employees to track each of their credentials encouraging them to be proactive in keeping all credentials current.
  • Captures credentialing and privileging history.
  • Scan, upload and view individual credentialing documents from the web.

Quality Management Module

  • Track Organizational KPIs. Completely customizable, you decide what you want to track, what your goals are, and frequency for reporting.
  • Track Provider KPIs. Completely customizable, you decide which physicians to assign, what their KPIs, goals, and reporting frequencies are.
  • Organize and track large projects with the Workplan function. Assign responsible employees & due dates, automatic email notifications sent to alert & remind employees of tasks due.
  • Produce stoplight reports that make tracking progress and trends easy to identify and understand. Ideal for Board and other executive meetings.


Using this document management tool helped us to successfully prepare for our Operational Site Visit (OSV), and assisted us in meeting all 19 program requirements. Additionally, it serves as a well-organized electronic filing cabinet for documents used on a daily basis! Moreover, PolicyPLUS is a great investment to guide you toward HRSA compliance!

Kim Bingham, HR Director, Grace Community Health, Corbin, KY

As the Credentialing manager, PolicyPLUS eliminates time spent on spreadsheets and automatically notifies the employees, as well as myself, of the upcoming expiration and/or renewal. PolicyPLUS is an extremely helpful tracking program that makes my life so much easier.

Kim Bingham, HR Director, Grace Community Health, Corbin, KY