Online Healthcare and Medical Compliance Management Software

PolicyPLUS™ is medical and healthcare compliance and policy management software that delivers simple and cost-effective online solutions for your policy, procedure, protocol, credentialing, and quality management needs.

Effective policy and compliance management for any healthcare organization or medical practice is an ongoing challenge, particularly in times of rapid changes in the healthcare industry and with large numbers of staff located over multiple sites. Oversight from healthcare regulatory agencies has never been stricter. The heightened awareness of many program aspects is likely to result in more questions and follow-up than in the past. It is very possible situations and circumstances that were acceptable in the past will now receive attention and require changes. Are you prepared? PolicyPLUS™ can help!

PolicyPLUS™ is your medical and healthcare compliance management solution that stores, manages, and archives your documents, policies, procedures, credentialing and quality management in one convenient online database.

The goals of our PolicyPLUS™ modular online healthcare and medical compliance and policy management application are threefold:

  1. To organize and give easy access to a medical practice or healthcare organization's policies, procedures and credentialing.
  2. To manage those documents and credentials through our easy to use online policy management software, as well as to increase medical and healthcare regulatory compliance through documented employee training management, assuring all employees know and understand the organization's policies and procedures and how they impact their jobs.
  3. To track organizational key performance indicators (KPI), provider KPIs, as and work-plan flow.

Many medical practices and healthcare organizations have completed the first goal. Unfortunately few have focused on the second, and many struggle with the third. With ever-increasing accountability requirements, PolicyPLUS™ is an invaluable software tool that can assist healthcare organizations and medical practices in reaching their compliance goals and requirements.

With PolicyPLUS™ you not only get an outstanding medical and healthcare compliance and policy management solution, you also have access to our PolicyAssist™ library of policies, procedures, protocols, forms, templates, and more.

Quality First Management Solutions also hosts free webinars where our expert healthcare consulting team keeps our clients abreast of FTCA, PCMH, OSV, and other healthcare compliance and clinical healthcare related news and changes.

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