What Is PolicyPLUS™?

PolicyPLUS™ is an online medical and healthcare compliance and policy management software whose benefits include:

  • Document management for a healthcare organization’s and medical practice’s policies, procedures, protocols, forms, & more
  • Credentialing management
  • Quality and Performance management
  • Increase patient safety:  Employees can access your policies 24/7
  • Improved standard of care:  obsolete and duplicate policies are removed from circulation
  • Build consistency:  Easily distribute documents across multiple locations & personnel levels
  • Automated document alerts:  Automatic E-mail notification & reminders sent alerting of upcoming document expiration dates
  • Maintain records easily:  Track & archive policy changes
  • Robust Employee Training: Use your policies to train your employees with PolicyPLUS™
  • Ensure employee compliance:  Your staff will know your policies
  • Automated employee training alerts:  Automatic E-mail notifications sent to your employees alerting them of any outstanding assignments due
  • Manage credentialing confidently:  Track provider credentials with automatic email alerts sent for  credential expirations and next credentialing cycles
  • Reduce risk and liability exposure:  Rest easy knowing all your bases are covered
  • Save time:  Track organizational KPIs, provider KPIs, and work plans.
  • Access to hundreds of vetted FQHC policy templates included with PolicyPLUS™
  • Save Money:  No IT staff needed to support PolicyPLUS™
  • Know you’re covered:  Evaluation and gap analysis of your existing policies is available

PolicyPLUS™ was developed from the ground up with a focus on compliance needs of healthcare organizations and medical practices, with sensitivity to costs and resources. Each feature responds to community health centers’ experience with the same policy, procedure, and compliance management challenges you face. It features ease of use, ease of implementation, legal compliance and accreditation benefits, and low cost

Healthcare organizations and medical practices will appreciate the easy to use PolicyPLUS™ application, legal compliance, accreditation benefits, and ease of implementation.

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